We understand that you have worked very hard to become a successful professional or business owner. While this hard work has allowed you to plan for a successful retirement, many of our clients also want to make sure this hard work will transfer to their heirs.



At Integrated Capital Management, we understand that our clients have worked very hard to become successful professionals or business owners. While this hard work has allowed them to plan for a successful retirement, many of our clients also want to make sure this will transfer to their heirs. We work with our clients on many advanced strategies related to transferring their wealth.


We hear a number of questions from clients regarding their goals related to wealth transfer and estate planning. Some of these questions are as follows:

Worried about the care of your family after they are gone?
Feeling anxious about leaving too much, too soon, to their children?
Being afraid of making costly mistakes?
Worried about taxes?


Our clients utilize a variety of wealth transfer tools and gifting strategies that help them distribute their assets to their family and other beneficiaries. Below are some techniques that help our clients meet their estate planning goals, such as avoiding probate and reducing estate taxes.

  • Gifting Strategies
  • Transferring Wealth Using Trusts (some examples are Irrevocable, Credit Shelter,
    QPRT, and IDIT trusts)
  • Life Insurance Strategies
  • Beneficiary Designations


Estate planning is an essential component of our client’s planning. We spend time with our clients to understand their wishes and concerns regarding the disposition of their assets. Proper estate planning documents include a trust, a will, advanced medical directives, and also financial powers of attorney. Having a will is often not enough to prevent substantial erosion of our client’s life’s work. We provide advice on issues including property ownership, asset protection, distribution strategies, and charitable giving plans. Our clients want to pass their values on to the next generation, not just the value of what they own. We spend the time necessary to explore the dynamics of our client’s families and help to communicate the estate plan to their heirs. Our work helps our clients organize their affairs now, making it easier for those they leave behind.


Many of our clients have built significant wealth and estate planning has become increasingly important. If left unaddressed, the Federal and state governments can tax their beneficiaries in excess of 50% of the value of their total assets. If their beneficiaries do not have enough liquid assets to cover their tax liability, they could be forced to sell family property or heirlooms.


Beyond taxation, estate planning provides our clients and their beneficiaries with the following benefits:

  • Assets are Inherited in Accordance with their Wishes
  • Care for Children and Dependents
  • Financial Decisions are Made in their Best Interest in case of Incapacitation
  • Reduced Financial and Emotional Burden on their Heirs
  • Elimination of the Expenses and Delays of Probate
  • Creation of a Family Legacy and Charitable Foundations


Since we do not provide tax or legal advice, Integrated Capital Management works closely with CPA’s and estate planning attorneys in order to be certain that the necessary legal and tax strategy concerning our client’s estate is crafted. If our clients already have a CPA or an estate planning attorney, Integrated Capital Management works closely with their firm in order to effect their wishes. Alternatively, Integrated Capital Management has worked alongside a number of different firms over the past 15+ years and has gladly recommended an appropriate CPA or attorney for the complexity level of our client’s estate or strategy.