Integrated Approach

Our expert advisors


that serve as road
maps for our clients.

We advise our clients as they traverse through the accumulation, retirement, and distribution phases of their financial lives. Our expert advisors develop tailored plans that serve as road maps for our clients. A well-executed plan is not designed to beat the market.


Our financial planning process focuses on four key areas:


Our process begins by reviewing a clients’ current financial situation. We take the time to understand each client’s particular objectives, risk tolerance, and attitude towards comprehensive wealth management. From there we create wealth transfer strategies, investment management plans, retirement planning, and fringe benefit options. We integrate all four of these components into a unified coordinated planning process.



The financial services industry is riddled with conflicts of interest. At Integrated Capital Management, we live by our philosophy of putting the client first in every recommendation we make. Our independent approach allows us to recommend the best solutions for our clients regardless of their origin or associated commission or fees. When our clients are presented with a financial solution, they can be confident that it is in their best interest. Our relationships are based upon trust, and objectivity is a necessary component to building and maintaining that trust.