Our investment options are virtually unlimited and made with the single objective of putting the clients first in every decision.




At Integrated Capital Management, we utilize an open architecture platform. Our clients are benefited by receiving investment management solutions that are not influenced by any broker-dealer, mutual fund company or investment company. In short, investments are selected with the single object of putting the clients first in every decision.



We advise individuals, trusts, foundations, and small business owners on the investment of their funds. Each relationship begins with an initial discussion about the client’s financial goals for these monies. A thorough assessment of a client’s time horizon and risk tolerance is required in order to optimally craft an investment portfolio. Through our personal interest in the dreams, values, and aspirations of our clients, we tailor wealth management programs for our clients.


Education of our clients is vital to achieving a successful investment portfolio and professional relationship. We take the time to ensure that our clients understand the components of their investment portfolios. Our advisors explain the typical individual components of investment portfolios such as mutual funds, stocks, exchange traded funds (ETFs), bonds, and alternative investments. Furthermore, we strongly believe that it is our responsibility to continually provide that education and to update our clients accordingly.


Our portfolio solutions are created using top-tier stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange traded funds, and alternative investments. We focus on building broadly diversified portfolios across multiple asset classes. Through our rigorous analytical process, we identify optimal portfolio allocations that maximize return relative to a client’s particular level of risk. Simultaneously, our portfolios are crafted taking into consideration a client’s individual liquidity and income needs.


The one characteristic that we can guarantee is that circumstances change over time. Markets are constantly changing while a client’s individual needs and requirements also change. These changes require us to constantly review the relative attractiveness of our clients’ portfolios and asset allocations. In an effort to successfully attain goals, we strongly encourage periodic review discussions on a systematic schedule.